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Why old fashioned Christian Dior glasses are the secret to eternal style.

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It was the French couturier Christian Dior who said, “Without proper foundations, there can be no fashion.” And so it is to him we turn when we think about the role that glasses play in finishing off your chosen look.

The eyewear on offer in high street shops today ranges from scorchingly expensive high-end designer frames, to more ‘throw away’ styles at throw away prices.
So, where ‘s the middle ground? How can you find something that little bit different? Something that might spark a conversation, catch someone’s eye and make you stand out from the crowd?
A unique look, a stylish approach

The answer can be found at The Old Glasses Shop. For the answer lies in delving down deep into the vintage treasures of the past.
The elegance of design, the attention to detail and the finishing touches that mean that your chosen glasses add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to your look!

Here at The Old Glasses Shop we stock all manner of styles, shapes and sizes of old fashioned prescription glasses and eyewear. It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave of Optical Delights. And we specialise in vintage designer glasses.

Staying with Christian Dior for the moment, we can find his eye for exquisite detail in these three frames:

Christian Dior 3519

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The classic oval frames of Christian Dior style 3519 have a delicate and distinctive woven design, like an intricate lace finish, in the gold finish around the lenses.
The frames have the Dior logo at each temple and on the nose pads and the glasses are complete with their original demonstration lenses, classic Dior case and branded cloths.

For a darker shade of metal, to suit darker complexions or to add contrast to your look, the same frames are available in a bronze finish. And, like the gold glasses, the frames are suitable for prescription lenses.

The classic oval frames of Christian Dior style 3520

Dior classic designer glasses 3520

For a truly distinctive look, the elegance of the Christian Dior style 2075 vintage glasses will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. With their two-tone black and yellow gold finish, these oval frames are shaped in the classic high bridge reading style. 

Lose yourself in the classic spy novels of the 20th Century with an added element of mystery with a pair of these hard-to-find stylish spectacles.

Dior prescription reading glasses from The Old GLasses Shop

Christian himself would want you to: “My dream? To make women happier and more beautiful.”
Christian Dior 1905-1957