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Drivesense Lenses


If you decide to add Drivesense lenses to a frame order you will need to come back to this category and add the required lens to your basket.

This is temporary - we will have the Drivesense lenses fully integrated with our 'step by step' lens options as soon as possible.

You can come back to this category anytime by clicking on it in the category list.

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Hydro+ Coating As Standard
With resistance to smudging and smearing it leaves a flawless surface that does not collect dirt or dust particles.

This coating :

  • has enhanced UV protection
  • eliminates reflections (front & back), 
  • has a 99% light transmisson which gives exceptional clarity
  • repels grease and grime 
  • is resistant to oils 
  • is scratch resistant as standard

Honeycomb  Coating As Standard
Our experience is that the Honeycomb Coating can also make a considerable difference to the clarity of vision and so we include this as standard on our Drivesense lenses. Using natures technology more light is distributed from all areas of the lens and so improving vision and reducing fatique. ( Its also a great party trick to breath on your glasses and have a honeycomb design appear - I tell kids I'm Spiderman! )