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Easy to Buy Hand Made To Order FEB31st frames from The Old Glasses Shop.

Having visited their factory in Italy, be assured that this is a very special company that make very special eyewear.
A tiny business of genuinely passionate people who hand make their frames out of wood. If that conjures up images of heavy, clumsy designs then you couldn't be further from reality. Each frame is comprised of layers of sustainable, organically treated wood veneers cross grained (plywood style) for great strength combined with incredible lightness.

Feb31st is truly all about the artisans such as the women who painstakingly sandpaper the frames by hand to create a beautifully smooth and comfortable finish. I was completely astounded by their dedication to real quality, real craftsmanship, genuine sustainability and being customer focused.

After years of wear the frame can be re-oiled and made 'good as new' creating a product of fantastic value too.

We believe these to be amongst the best glasses frames in the world - if you truly want comfortable, stylish and unique glasses which will last for many years then do not hesitate - order yourself some FEB31st glasses now.