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How do I know if the glasses will fit?

Well, there is the most asked question and it’s tricky one...


If you’re ordering a frame that is a similar shape to your current glasses you could get the measurements off your existing frame and this will give you an idea if the new ones will fit.

If you’re trying a new shape, round for example, it’s not quite so straight forward and this is why we make buying, trying & returning for exchange or refund so easy!

We can advise you better by email so please feel free to get in touch and we can talk you through the process.

Is it best to try the glasses first, before having lenses fitted?


We always suggest that you try the glasses before lens fitting (once lenses have been fitted the glasses become non-refundable). This will give you an idea if they fit and suit you.

If you’re within the UK we can then email you a link to our free returns label so you can return to us for lens fitting, or an exchange/refund if the glasses are not quite right.

If you’re outside of the UK you’re welcome to return the glasses to us for an exchange/refund, but if you love your new specs you can have lenses fitted locally.

What if I have lenses fitted and they're not right?

We use a wonderful local optical lab and whilst they are exceptional at their job, they are only human and the odd mistake can happen.

If you find your lenses are not quite right please email us and let us know what the problem is, in most cases we will ask you to return the glasses to us (free of charge) and will have our lab assess them, if they are found to of made a mistake we will of course replace the lenses for you at our cost.

Ultimately we want you to have the perfect glasses and correct prescription for your daily needs.

Do you do adjustments?

Is it a little more tricky doing this remotely? Yes, but our lab are used to this, the more pictures and information you can give in an email to us the easier it is to make the necessary adjustments.

The glasses slip down my face. No problem we can have the ear pieces curved tighter to stop this happening.

They’re too tight at the temples. Our lab can bow them slightly to give you more room at either side of your head.

I have one ear heigher than the the other. More common than you would think and we can easily adjust the glasses to make them fit comfortably.

Can you re-glaze my glasses?

If you have previously bought the glasses from us then yes!

We know that buying glasses can be costly and we want you to get the most out of your fabulous frames.

If your prescription changes and you would like us to fit your new lenses to an old frame we will do this for you.

PLEASE NOTE; re-glazing is done at your own risk. As we don’t know how much wear and tear the frame has had it may break during re-glaze (although this is very rare, we just have to warn you).


Please email us a copy of your most recent prescription and we will send you a lens quote in return.

How does Brexit effect my order?

BREXIT has no effect on our USA sales - there remains no duty on sales under $800.


EU SALES - PLEASE READ (excluding Spain) 

EU countries have begun to charge VAT on deliveries. We very much value our EU customers and so do not want you to lose out... as such we will fully reimburse you for the VAT you are charged.

In practice this means that you will need to pay VAT at delivery to the postal service, we will reimburse you by a refund back to the payment method you used to purchase the glasses.




 We can ONLY refund VAT on frames purchased, not frames purchased to try and then returned. To retrieve the VAT paid on any frames returned will be a matter for you to take up with your local tax authority. Sorry!


We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued support, we hope to have a better solution in place as soon as possible.

How do you get your photographs?

Other sites use 'stock' photographs supplied by the manufacturer who, of course, can spend a lot of money on professional photography. As 95% of our prescription glasses and designer sunglasses are new - but up to 30 years old - there is no 'stock' photography for them. Therefore, we have always done our own photography. We have tried to make this a positive thing by giving you lots of photos and angles for each pair of glasses (stock photos are often just one view).

You keep saying 'genuine' vintage glasses - what's the difference?

95% of our frames are genuinely old stoack and may be 15 to 30 years old or more - BUT ARE NEW AND UNWORN.

In other words they are the 'real thing' and not just copies made in China yesterday (which is Retro or Vintage 'style'). Becasue of this we may only have a few (or even just one pair) and when they are gone we cannot obtain more.

What do the sizes mean (i.e. 48-19-135)?

The three numbers indicate:

The WIDTH of each lens, frame to frame (excluding the frame itself)

The BRIDGE WIDTH is the narrowest point between the lenses (NOT between the frame)


Additionally, we try and also give the full face width, bracket to bracket.

All sizes are approximate.

I have received my frames but they seem a little out of shape?

Most of our prescription glasses are genuine vintage and as such may have been in storage for years. 

Frames continuously pressed together during storage whilst in the closed position can sometimes become slightly out of shape/twisted. This is normal, and your optician will reset the shape when they fits your lenses. 

This happens with new modern frames too!

How do I know that it is safe to buy from you?

We have been selling vintage glasses online since 2004. 

We have full merchant services for online payments, including Paypal and Klarna - your card details ARE NEVER SEEN BY US. 

 Additionally, this site is verified fully PCI Compliant - an industry standard for enhancing website safety and we have prescription glasses product reviews done independently by Yotpo so you can see what others think of us! 

Why don't all of your prescription/designer glasses come with branded cases?

Our stock is mostly vintage spectacle frames sourced from opticians and wholesalers throughout the world. With bulk transactions, it was often the situation that frame, case & accesories were received and stored seperately by the such, after many years in storage, often only the frames themselves are left. We do always ensure that the frames we send out are in hard cases.