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We hate fake.
We hate boring.
Your call is important to us” Really? I’ve been on hold in a queue for 17 minutes now.

Great Quality at Great Prices!” No. Its Chinese tat that you like to sell because it cost you pennies.

100% off! This minute only!” Ok, we’re exaggerating this one but the fact is most sales and discounts are fake ( we know a lens website that has been offering 70% off its normal prices for 3 years now…).


The Old Glasses Shop came about because of a chance meeting in 2004 and the discovery of a large stock of “old” glasses. Not used, not ‘junk’ - but a lot of well known brands - Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberrys, Versace, Willis and Geiger etc - beautiful eyewear mainly from the 70s / 80s / 90s which was new, still packaged and carefully stored.

Over the years we have added to our “old” stock and also brought in modern eyewear from around the world (see our blogs) which we believe is complementary to our original stock - Anglo American, Frame Holland, Beuren, FEB31st ... classic styles, hand made, Italian retro -  of genuinely outstanding quality. Eyewear that will last for years. Eyewear that you can reglaze (my FEB31st frame is on its third prescription) and so represents fantastic value.

This is wonderful product to sell because it is wonderful product to own. These glasses become friends (you know, the ones that go missing when you need them). They become part of who you are. They make you want to wear glasses. They’re genuinely special and make you feel good. And you love them - who cares what anyone else thinks?
Why wear ordinary?

But great product is not enough.
And so The Old Glasses Shop has one unwavering focus.
You, our customer. No matter where in the world you are.


Based in beautiful Bellingham, Northumberland (4 months of winter followed by 8 months of bad weather) in what was a Victorian station house, we are online only.
But we don’t hide behind email - our telephone number is at the top of every page. And it’s answered by Christina, Gemma or Kate, not by a menu system. Your call IS important to us, so we answer it…personally.

We answer emails honestly. We give advice with integrity. We will do anything we can to help.

It’s a sad reflection on modern commerce that people are actually surprised at the level of service we give. We have had comments where people think our reviews are so consistently good they cannot be true (!).

Product really can be outstandingly good
Service really can be all about you
And we can be human and have fun too.


The Old Glasses Shop Ltd Registration Number 08018868

Offices 3&4 Station House
NE48 2TQ

Telephone 01434 221122  10 till 4 Weekdays

From Outside of the UK 0044 (0)1434 221122