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All eyewear typically has 3 numbers stamped on it (usually on the inner arm) such as:

47 20 140

This relates to:


measured in millimetres.


Additionally, in the information for each of our frames we try and give a FULL FACE WIDTH too.

This is intended as a size guide but only applies if you are planning to buy the same shape of eyewear as you currently have. This is because each shape - from modern rectangular through to round style - has different size considerations. 


For example, a modern rectangular frame will have a large full face width because the style is to go beyond your temples, adding considerably to the width. Round glasses, on the other hand, have a narrow face width because the style is the opposite - they do not go beyond your temples.


Equally, measurements such as bridge size can be deceptive. The bridge width is measured at the point where the lenses are the closest together - on an aviator style frame, this is above the nose and so will be very narrow, on a round frame this is the centre of the lenses, on a rectangular frame it is often near the top of the nose bridge. 


The best way to see if a frame fits is to actually try it...

Buy, try & return to us if the frame doesn’t fit our suit you - it’s THAT easy!


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